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My moms dogs are both old and are in serious amounts of pain.So we tried using marijuana products like this White Siberia Strain Review - I Love Growing Marijuana and CBD The one guys is so bad he will just sit there and shake most of the day and you tell they are both in a lot of pain, we recently started treating them with CBD and oh my god does it work, after one small dose my moms one dog stopped shaking for 3 days and both were in noticeably less pain for days after one dose of cbd vape juice compared to the prescription pain meds the vet gave them, we actually took them off those pain meds and have them running on pure CBD and the vets are amazed at how well it works so yes there is lots of research on the subject just like medical mj... the research is all there my friend all you have to do is a little research and you will find it.
Hi, I was looking into CBD Oil for my Senior dog and was wondering will it help with cataracts or glaucoma and whether it would help prevent illness or disease. I know CBD Oil use for dogs is still relatively new but is there anyone that has used it for their dog for a while now with good results or is there anyone that experienced negative/bad results? also what brands and dosage do you give to your dog or what breed of dog. I really want to make a decision that is wise for my senior dog and to prolong his life but on wanting to believe there is a God, I really hope that God would let my dog be with me for many more years. Thanks for any replies.
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