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chanel and dior chi tops

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hiya everyone just putting this ad on i have two brand new chi tops they are small here are pics they are £25each if interested pm me thanks
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Wow, are they real? I've been looking for some Chanel and Dior ones. Was only able to find Ralph Lauren, and their to big.
hiya they are lovely arnt they my chi has a blue dior one and a black gucci but his ones are fakes i am selling these for a friend whos b/f got them for her maltese who is way to big for them he got them from harvey nics apparently they are fab looking tops
awww the dior yellow is now sold!!!! i kinda liked it so much and soo did jacob he looks great in it oh my overdraft gonna be screaming ha!
Viki , if you still have the " Chanel " one left any chance you could measure it for me ?? 8)
hiya yeah so sorry i totally forgot il measure in two seconds im sure its a ten inch
rite it is 11 inchs long and 8 inch wide just measured sorry it took so long
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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