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Change of behavior

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We got Cricket a little over a week ago, and for a whole week she only wanted in my lap. I loved it. Was eating it up. But now it seems its only in the mornings after I'm up, and drinking coffee she wants in my lap. All the other times its either next to me on the floor or in my husband's lap. Am I doing something wrong?
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No. Not all my dogs constantly want to be on my lap. My girl dogs, except for Marmalade and Isis, really are not that insistant on being on my lap. Twiggy like a cuddle once a day for a few minutes, Lexxi for maybe an half hour, Delilah once every couple of days for a minute or two. Mamalade and Isis want to live in my lap. My boy dogs are another story. Billy, Smoke, Reggie, and Pepper are constantly asking to be picked up and Tico a couple times a day when he get in the mood. Tico does come to me every morning to be picked up, cuddled as he licks my chin, then get his eye medication. Gonzo pefers my daughters' laps. Each dog is different and has their own preference. It's not anything you did.
No, you aren't doing something wrong - you are doing something right. She's becoming used to her new home and becoming more confident. I guess all dogs are different but mine are lap babies morning and night - not so much during the day.
not doing anything wrong!! i hold all three of my dogs, they LOVE being on my lap.. But I also am home alllll day long, I feed them, water them, bring them outside to play, everything all day every day. My boyfriend always wants them to "love him like they love me".. but to be honest, he "loves" them more than I do. I discipline them, train them, etc.. and they still want everything to do with me. I clean houses so once in a while I am gone for the day. And its only when I am gone that they do the same thing to him as they do to me.

Chi's will chose a specific person that they consider "theirs" although mine love everyone!!

try teaching your dog how to sit with little pieces of liver treats.. mine love those over anything. they are cheap too and already come in bite size pieces. I teach all mine to sit, stay, lay down, off, outside, inside.. they listen pretty well. And i think that might be the reason they are stuck to me LOL you have to show them who is "pack leader" and then they will work hard for your attention ;)
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We got Jax two weeks ago and the day before yesterday he started doing the same thing. I was worried because he laid in his bed half the day then realized he was playing with his toys
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