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Charley and the Car Wash

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Tonight on the way home from my parents house, I stopped by one of those "touchless" car washes. Charley was priceless!!

Step 1: Pre-soak
:shock: Charley, while sitting in my lap, was amazed at the sounds he heard and at the white foamy stuff suddenly covering the windows. He turned his little head and eventually his entire body as he followed the big arm around the car.

Step 2: Pre-soak 2
:shock: Again, pure amazement at the fact the windows had just become see-through again, but suddenly were covered by the foamy stuff. This time he didn't follow the arm fully around the car, just to the back ... then he focused his concentration on something more entertaining ... his feet.

Step 3: Pressure Wash
:? The new sound (caused by the high pressure) caught Charley's attention, but he quickly returned to his feet (he likes to nibble at them) when the sound stayed at the front of the car ... HOWEVER ... soon the sound started coming towards him. He looked up towards the front of the car as the arm of the wash started travelling his direction.

:shaking: The high pressure of the wash hits the windshield and Charley throws his body up against Mommy for protection! He follows the arm around the car again, jumping only slightly when the pressured water hits the passenger side of the glass.

:? For the rest of the "steps" he remained alert ... it was as though he didn't want to be caught off guard again.

As I drove off, he climbed up the front of my chest and kissed me on my chin, as though saying (like the typical little boy who just got off a scary ride)

"That was fun Mommy! :blob4: Can we do it again? Huh? Huh? Puh-leeeeeeese? Can we do it again Mommy?"

Have I mentioned how much I love my Charley? :love7:
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That's hilarious! Cooper just buries himself in his blanket and refuses to come out until it's over with. NOW, if I say "car wash" he runs like h-ell and hides.
That's too funny!!

Lina has never been through an automatic car wash before, but she's scared of the regular one we go to. She is on my lap the entire time my bf is washing. She's OK with it all though as long as she can see him and knows there's no one out there other than him lol. She is, however, scared of the windshield wipers :? . I guess it's because of the squeak they make when they first start.
Wow, it turns out that Lily is the brave one when it comes to car washes. :shock: As long as I'm holding her she's fascinated by the sights and sounds. I won't say she loves it but she's not scared either.

And she used to be scared of windshield wipers but that's one of the fears we overcame.

Poor little Charley. :lol: :lol:
Wow I have never taken Hershey to the car wash. I am going to have to compare and contrast experiences. Sounds like it basically was a fun adventure for her.
:D :D :D i never went to a carwash with my babies either ( i let my younger brother wash it for pocket money :D ) i bet they will be terrified !!!!
cosmo's such a baby and paris is the shakemaster :D

kisses nat
LOL, that's funny. Zeus reacts the same way as Charley does.
Thanks for the smile, I sure needed it (I had a tooth removed yesterday)

Charley is absolutely one of the most handsome men I've seen!!

I live in AL, and come to atlanta often, pm me?
Charley must be so fun to watch! That was a great story. :)
aw how cute! chiwi would probably pee herself if we went through the carwash. she's not big on real loud sounds hehe....
That is so cute. Cocoa now has to experience a car wash.

Jennie and Cocoa
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