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Cheeta Print Harness

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Heres another harness. Its a simple one but cute.

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Ozziegirl, yes I did make it. Thank you everyone
Thanks this is made with velcros so u can adjust the size to fit. That's the one reason I made cause daisy was so small it was hard to find anything that fit. Lol I made daisy a cheetah dress too. Its probably in the forums around here. Sorry typing this from my cell. Its just hard when their so small to find anything that fits.
As of right now, yes I do. I sell both harnesses and dresses. Both are done in a harness style. I found that Daisy fought less with a harness style than something going over her head. Just message me when your ready. :)
You everyone. I do hope you'll like your zebra one Ljwilson.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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