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Cheeta Print Harness

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Heres another harness. Its a simple one but cute.

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Looooove this one! I bought Gemma a leopard print dress from Elaine, but she doesn't fit in it yet.
Yeah, it is near to impossible finding anything that fits when they are tiny puppies. I bought a hamster/small ferret harness and altered it a little bigger to make it fit Gemma. I think making your own or buying custom things is the only way to go. Do you sell your items, by the way? I may be interested in buying a dress and maybe a harness once Gemma grows out of this one.
Oh, awesome! Will do. :) I really like the velcro vest style you do because it's so much easier to put on them. Plus your creations are so much prettier than what you find from any old online store!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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