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chewing tail

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In the past month my 1 year old chi has started to chew a section of his tail. This happens when he is in his kennel while we are at work - about 6hrs. Is there anything we can do to help him stop doing this? He is getting a bald spot! Has anyone else had this problem? We checked and he doesn't have fleas. :cry:
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mr.beefy does it sometimes, and i'm always home... i think it's cause he's bored. he'll do it for a day or two, chew a bald spot, drive me insane, then stop. a month or two later he's back at it, you know, right after the hair grows back. i've asked the vet about it, but it they said they didn't see anything causing it. i'm not sure what to tell you if you aren't home when he's doing it, i distact beefy when i catch him, and he forgets about it.
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