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Chi biters, anyone?

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My Chi Pepper is always wanting to bite everything. He chews on fingers, wood, shoes, toes, etc. He has so many chew toys, but still bites everything else. Will he outgrow this? Is ther anything I can do to stop hime from biting things he's not suppose to. I've tried the spray that tastes sour, but it doesn't work.
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My baby is 4 months and is still chewing. If I catch him I replace the shoe or clothes or finger with a bone or toy. This seems to work. He still likes to chew my fiance's fingers. He really likes nyla-bones and the konga.
Corky is such a biter too and he is 3 months old. We have tried everything to get him to stop and all he wants to do is bite! He bites fingers, shoes, pant legs and now he bites my skirts when I am home on lunch. I tried replacing a rope toy with whatever he is biting and everything and he still bites and it HURTS!!! I am in need of suggestions too!
Tyson bites too , nothing seems to put him off we try and ignore him as much as possible when he does it but sometimes he goes mad biting and u cant get away
Diego's 6 months and still no sign of stopping! Most people have assured me it will eventually stop...but I feel your frustration!
Pepper is in Biiiiigggggg trouble with a capital B. I just found out that he chewed and broke one of my favorite pairs of earings. I don't even know how he got it. It must have fell. He needs to somehow stop this bad habit he has. I've tried replacing the things he's not suppose to chew on with the things he can. But he just doesn't seem to get it.
mine only bite their pig's ears :wave:

kisses nat
Albert and Zoey are biters too and they are almost 7 months old and Sybil is 3 yrs old and love to nibble toliet paper rolls only now. Bailey who is the mom of my babies is 2 years old and will still reach up and grab your hand or foot or shoe. Maybe they don't grow out of it.
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