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Chi Boots + Cold Weather Housetraining Advice Needed!

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Backstory: Odie came to us pee pad trained. She's 100% trained, but will go to the bathroom when we go outside too. We've been slowly trying to phase out pee pads the past few months (we don't crate her). For the past week, she's has had no access to a pee pad and has only had two accidents which is definitely progress. However, we live in Canada, and it's starting to get cold. We don't have a yard, so when we take her out she has to go for a little walk. Lately, we've been carrying her to the shoveled area to avoid the salt melt they put on the cement and pick her up when she's done. She usually pees quickly and I pick her up and go back in right away.

Today I took her out in the afternoon and she wouldn't go to the bathroom. She was just trying to stand on my shoes which she's never done before, and after about a half a minute of that, it was almost like she fell forward onto her belly, and she started whining and wouldn't get back up. I picked her up immediately and warmed up her feet (they were really cold). We're going to get her a custom made waterproof winter jacket, but what i'd like to know is has anyone found good quality boots suitable for a chihuahua? Ones that are semi-easy to put on?

I know that she won't like them at first, but I feel like we're really making progress getting rid of of the pee pads and I don't want to just go back to them. I've tried all the pet stores in town and i've found some really nice ones, but not small enough for her. Someone suggested socks to me, but I don't really think that's going to cut it. We do have a covered patio (not enclosed, just covered) that I could put a pee pad on. Maybe if I put a pad out there, she would still associate the cold with outside but wouldn't have to be out there for as long? Winters are usually mild here, but sometimes we get cold snaps and temps drop to -30 and i've heard of pets getting frost bite easily. We want to be prepared!
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I should also mention that she does wear a little blanket style fleece sweater when we go out already.
I would use the pee pads on the patio. I LOVE them. No rain, snow, or icy walks! They don't even like the wind! Sue
I ended up trying to take her out one more time when it was -11, and she just stood there then scrambled to stand on my shoes. Obviously too cold for my little girl! I ended up putting one of those fake grass patches on the patio. She still needs her sweater on as the temperature isn't any different but I think the fact that there's no snow makes her feet a lot more comfortable! I think she still gets that she's going "outside", which will still help with housetraining.
I Live in Michigan and it gets so cold here. I just used the pee pads, and I love them. I tried boots on Amberleah and they would not stay on. I love I don't have to go out in the freezing cold anymore. With my Pomeranian's their feet would freeze and I would have to go out and get them they couldn't get back in. So I am so happy about pee pads now with Amberleah.
I think your fake grass on the patio is a great compromise. She is still going outside and knows that is were you pee and poop. The weather is just awful on our little ones. At least they go quickly when it is cold.
Ginger loves to go outside with her cocker spaniel sister, and wants to run and snoop around with her. She gets so cold, though, I've had to go out in the yard and carry her back. She'll stand on three feet and cry. One day, it was so cold she was holding both front feet up, looking at me like, 'Mom, help me! It's so cold I just can't get back!' She wears a jacket (fleece jacket/sweater) that I made her, even in the house, and often still wants to be held because of cold feet. (Of course she just likes to be held, too!)

I'm very interested in hearing if anyone knows of any good and warm Chi sized boots, too. I've thought of trying to make some, but can't figure out how to get them to stay on her little feet... I tried potty pads, but they ended up shredded and all over the room. I think her sister helped with that one...
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I just shovel the snow from their their "outties" area and out they all go! But I also have a place for them to go inside. Mine use one of those astro-turf islands + newspapers.
I have tried a couple of booties for Prada, but she never ever walks with them, and Gucci just has a crazy trot with his booties on. They absolutely hate it and I don't bother using them any more. In fact I have 5 or 6 pairs of different sorts lying in the attic.
The one and only booty/sock they don't mind wearing is the Pawz dog boots.
Its kind of like a very thick plastic balloon. It protects their paws but doesn't make them uncomfortable.
You can give them a try
Pawz Dog Boots
I bought the yellow (xxs) and the green (tiny) for my chis
I live in Calgary and I can really sympathize with the little ones and their chilly toes! There are some boots that are on the GW Little website that claim that they will not slip off - they are called Pawz. see if that helps!
My bf bought some boots for his Springer Spaniel cause we live in the desert and they do a lot of running over rocks with the horses and stuff. His Springer loves them! but, I wouldn't know of any small enough for Chi's...I'm gonna take a look at the Pawz dog boot..... those might be really good.
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