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Chi breeds.

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HI, I have been viewing sites with adverts of chihuahua's for sale and I was wondering if you could help me... I came across an advert advertising 'apple' and 'deer' shaped heads, whats the difference? And also i'm not sure if it is due to cross-breeding but whats up with some chi's havin big sticky-up pointy ears and looking out of proportion compared to thier heads? This is in no offense to the chihuahua's coz i love em :)
God bless the little darlings.
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Hi, usually deer head chis are more slenderly built and apple heads tend to have a bit rounder head, in my opinion, and maybe a bit stockier build. As for the big ears, I happen to love, I think the bigger the better. :)
Mikey, the chi in my siggy, Has a deer shaped head. :wave:
Thanks for the help, i was rather confused! Your chi is sooo cute cute :) Aslong as i can persuade my mother i might be getting one soon *cross fingers*
well let me cross mine too for ya!!!

My Kemo is a deer and my Bindi looks apple to me.
The tri-color in my siggy is a deer head and the white one is an apple head. I agree about the ears too, the bigger and perkier the better! :wave:
My little Poppy in my siggy is an apple head and she has quite a chunky body and legs. As for her ears...we call her the Flying Nun! :D
Id never heard of a deer head. I looked online for pics and a couple look very much like the way sunny is built.
Hi! :wave: Cody and Callie are deer heads and Annabelle is an apple head. :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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