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if you will be purchasing a calendar please put how many you would like here,

we are trying to work something out as far as buying them to sell, but we will all have to put some money towards the making of the calendar, so the more people we have the less it will be for everyone, as it is now we do not have enough for a 52 week calendar!! SO please contribute!!

if you have any questions feel free to PM me
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I'm going to buy 2
I know 2 but maybe more depending on the cost :)
I think we're currently on 3 or 4 here will have to ask around :D was gonna give one to both of my boys breeders for xmas
I want 1 wil have to ask around to see if anybody else wants one
depending on price etc i will prob buy between 2-5 thanks friends family etc

nemochi that is good idea sending to breeder
chihuahua-lady said:
nemochi that is good idea sending to breeder
Also a good way to suck up if I ever want another pup from them ;) hehe
i want 2 :) (i'll ask around and see who else will buy one)
i like the breeder idea very much!! I think i will have to do that too!! :lol:
I want

I guess about 3-4

great grandparents gifts from the grandogs. If Dan or Dewey or Angel get in. this is sooooooooooo awsome
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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