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chi calender ACCEPTING picture submissions now!

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hello everyone..those of you who wanted to be a part of the chihuahua calender please send photos to [email protected] dont forget to put you username and your chi's name in the email so i know who you are. those who have chi families take single photos and group photos. cant wait to see all the cute pictures! no need to resize images since the place wherever we choose to get it done can do it for you..and i will edit pictures if needed.
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Here are my 2 :

Lily - Boo :

Ozzy :

Together :

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ALSO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PHOTOS THAT YOU SEND ARE OF GOOD QUALITY...ozzy n lily's mom please send them to [email protected] same to romeo's mommy thanks!
here are my pics and iv e mailed them thanks

here is ruby she is 4 months old now il find out her exact birthday-

here is tyke he is 5

and here is jacob he will be a year next month

hope you like pics
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Stitch is 10 weeks exactly, Nemo was 14 weeks in that photo
nemochi can you please send that to the email [email protected] thanks! b/c when pictures are posted up here their not as good as quality if they were sent to me through email
sorry sorry..just to clarify......these are only of our chi's right?
what if their sneeky siblings pretends to be a tree or something
in the background? (i.e. king recks) :lol:
hmm... i don't know about that one.. we'll let you know.
i still havent gotten it yet and its been a couple minutes :( did u send it to right email addy?
please send your photos in jpg or bmp format others i cannot open...nemochi thanks for sendin the pics to my email but i cannot open mim files :scratch: so could you try n send them in a different format..sorry
also everyone who submits photos send several so we have choices :D
I just sent it again. It says it went through both times :dontknow: . I could only get one good pic of her so camera died...of course. I'll try to get more soon and send them in so u'll have more to choose from.
i just sent mine.........only sent one tho...because i didnt know! sorry!
so far the following people have sent me photos:

*lily boo,ozzy
*lily mae
*minx, brooke
*diesel **need his birthdate and pics sent again due to they wont load**
*nemo,stitch ** needs to be sent as a jpg or bmp file**

everyone send as many photos as you like so we have a variety to choose from.
GET THOSE PICS IN to those who haven't sent them yet make sure their jpg or bmp format also make sure there not too small :) :D
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:wink: mmm..I'm not sure how you guys are doing this...I probably missed the thread but just to give heads up...RESIZED pictures are not good for printing...if you guys have the camera originals (FULL SIZE) you should send that for better quality. :wink:

Example: if I was to print my would come up the size of my thumb not the size it shows on the screen. :wink:
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