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Hi all, my 6 month old Chi Honey is a xxxx for jumping up kids (toddlers) faces. She is doing this to be friendly as she licks and kisses (and poss to lick whatever food is around their mouths lol!) but she nearly pushes them over! My sister is having a baby next month and i obviously dont want her to do this to the new baby.
She used to jump up us adults for attention, but she is now trained to know that she needs to be sitting calmly before she gets a fuss.
I have done a search for this subject on here, but didnt come up with anything. How can i train her that jumping up toddlers isnt what i want her to do? I have tried the following; firm NO, a spray with water, a word that she associates with being told to stop (pssst!), putting her in her crate when the toddlers come round, but as soon as shes let out, she runs over to them and jumps up.
She is so good with children, she loves to play with them so i dont want to keep her from them at all.
Thanks in advance!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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