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Chi marking in house

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My chi Yoshi has been marking in the house since we adopted a female spaniel. Will neutering solve this problem? We are getting desperate.
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I don't have an answer..but a second to your question!!

Charlie has started marking when we go to public places, places where other dogs have been and may have had accidents. I am really hoping this will stop after he's neutered....
Auggie started marking mostly outside, very little inside. He did stop almost completely when he was neutered. Thank heaven :lol:
Most of the time Neutering will solve the problem. However, there are some who do still mark on occasion. My guys were neutered at 6months. They will lift their leg outside---but never in the house. :)

It is best to neuter BEFORE the marking starts, but I have heard of instances when marking stopped immediately after neutering even in an older dog. I definitely would have him neutered---it can't hurt and it might help. :)
The addition of another dog will usually result in the other dog marking.....its just one of many ways to establish "hey this is my place" but neutering does help.

Kemo marked when Bindi came but soon stopped when things settled down. It is a BIG pain
Sturgis was notorious for lifting when I first got him he has since stopped and only does it outside. to mark his territory. i was afraid if he had kept it up i would not keep him. But with time patience and scolding he's done very well. consistancy is the key. when i caught him i used a coke can with pennies and tossed it on the floor next to him when he was lifting his leg. I also put aluminum foil around the legs of my chairs in kitchen thats where he lifted it also helped
Thanks for the replies. I am definately getting him neutered. He didn't mark when I had my pit-x with us even though Yoshi seemed to be the alpha (shocker).

janiebabes-I noticed your PG ticker. Are you by any chance on Fertility Friend? I love that place :eek:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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