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Hi, I just joined because I am having a problem with my 4 year old, tri-colored male Chi. His name is Dylan. I got him when he was 10 months old and he is a big scardey cat. He has gotten a lot better but, when he gets something in his head, he gets really bad again. A couple of weeks ago, I put a box of rice on my counter with about a 1/4 cup of rice in it. Dylan was in the kitchen with me. I left the kitchen and the box fell and scared Dylan. He thinks there is something wrong with his foot now. It wasn't bad at first. He would be fine and then, if he walked by the kitchen, he would hold his foot up but once he got past the kitchen he was fine. Last night, I had a treat for him in the kitchen. He wanted it but would not leave his bed. So, I picked him up and carried him into the kitchen and put him down. Immediately, he held up his back foot and hopped back to his bed! Now, he is totally confined to his bed on the living room floor. He will not leave it for anything! He will go outside but has a hard time thinking he cannot go down or up the stairs. I am not giving in to him and I am encouraging him all the way. Once downstairs, he is fine and acts just fine. He won't leave his bed to eat or drink water. I can't get him to leave his bed to have a treat. Is there anyway I can bolster him back up so he can get over his fears? Thanks! Sherry from Orlando, Florida, USA.
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