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Chi Pee?? Fur?

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It seems that Snickers has taken a liking to peeing on Reeses. I never see him do it but her side is always covered in pee.

Anyway, I can't get the pee off! Her body is all white and no matter how many baths or doggy wipes I use, she still has a yellow pee tint to her side.

Any suggestions?
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I don't know if it's healthy or not so I would double check the label, but how about the cleaner to remove the dark spots around the eyes for lighter colored dogs?
Ive had this problem! I tried lots of things but then I found when giving Bella a bath rub whitening toothpaste onto the area and rinse off.
use a super whitening dog shampoo. at the groomers we use the whitener one by fresh and clean and for the real stained dogs we put it on there with no water and rub it in for about 5-10 minutes then wash it out. sometimes you may have to repeat the steps more than ones.
Porsha is litely colored and i use lemon joy dish soap. It works great let it sit for 3 minutes and rinse you have to watch not to get soap in the eyes. it works and it leaves the dog lemony fresh. :D it will also kill any fleas on the dog at the time.
I didn't even think of pee stains when opting for a light colored chi! For that matter, didn't even think of getting the whitening shampoo. I'm glad I saw this thread :)
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