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Chi Rescue in Australia (Victoria)

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We were fortunate to find our Sophie through Chihuahua Rescue.
Below is the link to the site. It is out of date because one lone lady does everything and does a wonderful job of caring for and loving these little dogs. She has some heartrending and beautiful stories on her site and contact information for anyone who might be on our side of the world and looking for a little dog to love.

Please see April posting below for updated web address !! It is now updated on a regular basis by a kind friend.
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Thanks for the link Sophies mom.
I read all the stories on the site and it breaks my heart what some poeple do to their chi's. They do a wonderful job at the chi rescue to look after them.
I would love to one day have my own chi rescue.
There is a chi/pug rescue in WA and I have already put my name down as a foster parent but chi's arent popular here and they dont really get many.

Oh and the dog noises on the site drive my chi's wild! :lol: LOL
Please note..... the web address of Chihuahua Rescue (Victoria) has changed. It is now

You can find listings for chis currently in need of a home by clicking "Chihuahuas" on the bottom menu
and then clicking "looking for a home" on the side menu
Great I will move this post to the rescue section :wave:
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