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Are there any certain toys that Chi's tend to prefer?
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That is hit or miss and will vary from dog to dog for sure!! Some like rope bones and others balls.....then there are stuffed animals, some like squeakers some do not!! :roll:
Exactly! It really depends on the dog. I have spent so much money on different toys for them. I even bought them the same sqeaker toy but one is yellow and one is black and white. Neither one of them will touch the yellow toy! :roll:
Exactly! It really depends on the dog.

I completely agree Dogs are like humans they have their own like and dislikes. Just keep trying they will find one they like. My babies have a huge basket of toys and never really showed interest at first then one day they went and pulled out their favorite toy and now I cant pry it away.
I also spent money on doggie toys, to no avail.Then Poppy found a funny blue soft toy that one of the kids got at it is her most precious posession and she drags it around the house all day long....its really getting scruffy but she adores it...we always tell her to bring her dolly..and she does...aaaawwwww! :lol:
Lola's favorite toy is a blue stuffed dinosaur from a McDonald's happy meal. :lol: I think her and Poppy would get along well!

Bosco is a fan of squeekies and ropes!
Marcus favorite toy is also from McDonalds. It's a stuffed dog from a happy meal. Other than that he likes an old slipper and his rawhide chew sticks.
Gadget's favorite toy is his stuff Christmas elf that I gave him to sleep with the first night he was home.... He also likes his rops adn his mini tennis ball... I am going to get him a big rubber ball for him to play with... but he needs to be a little bigger before I do.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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