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Hello I'm new to this website (ITS GREAT!)and this is my 1st post. I have a problem with my chi, he was very easy to potty train and has rarely had accidents, but now that he is 10 months old he won't go #2 in his wee pad he wants to go on the floor anywhere else in the house or on an old chair I have in my den. Before we could even let him roam around the alone and he was consistent on using his wee pads for both #1 and #2. I dont know what happenned or how can I get him back on track.
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sometimes they dont like weeing and pooing on the same pad so try put another down for poos - is he been disciplined with timeouts etc when caught doing this ? :wave:
Yes I agree. My girl won't poop on the same pad she pee's on. I have to put two side by side so she can pick which one she wants to do her business on.

Mine won't either but I never thought of two pads. I will try that.
We've been trying to be more disciplined in letting her out very frequently and it's worked pretty well so far.

Angel is just picky about the pads themselves. We use both disposable and washable right now and she is happy with both but they have to be reasonably fresh or she won't use them. Kind of frustrating with the washable ones as I go through them as fast as the disposable ones so I am doing laundry all the time. LOL :roll:
Thanks for your replies I will try the 2 pads see how it works out. One of my friends suggested I get a scat mat with low setting to keep him from going on the couch.

Thanks again! :)
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