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Chico at 11 weeks

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Chico is 11 weeks old now..he learned how to sit.stand and fetch the ball and bring it back on command :)
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awww chico! Sweet baby's tag is almost as big as him :lol: He's a cutie!
awwwww i love his markings his lil black head! he's gorgeous i want him! lol!
omg i love that last pic of chico !! that's one too frame !!

kisses nat
I just love Chico, he is one of the prettiest little boys I have ever seen! :wink:
Chico looks wonderful! He's developed really nicely, great features and what a nice long body and big ears he has :D
He's super cute!
What a perfect little boy! Gorgeous markings. I love how he looks right into the camera. :love4:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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