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Chico is driving me nuts!

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Up until just recently he's been a little doll. In the last few weeks it's impossible to let him outside without a leash. Let me back-up.....I have a seperate building where my sewing room and computer stuff is located and I spend most of the day out here. Anytime I need to go in the house Chico would follow right along with me after we make a potty stop. Now, he starts wondering and totally ignores me when I call him. When I start to walk towards him, he takes off running. It's a big game to him. He'll run in a big circle coming almost to me then off again when I reach for him.

It's very inconvenient to put a leash on him just to walk 30ft to the house but I've been doing it. We live about 100ft off the road but yesterday in his curious wonderings he got almost to the road. Very scarey, especially when any move towards him just makes his run further away.

I make sure I stop my sewing and play with him alot during the day and we're starting to take regular walks. He hates the leash but we're working on that.

Does your dog do this? Any ideas? JoeBean? I've never had a dog so hard headed!
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my only advise would be to enroll in obedience classes :wave:
Clare has good advice ... that is the only thing I can think of too. Teach him 'come' by giving him treats when he comes to you. Eventually he will learn when you say come or call his name, he needs to come to you to get a treat.

Bosco escaped a couple weeks ago :shock: and thankfully he came back when I told him to come. It's definitely a good thing to teach your dogs!!

Good luck!
I agree with the obedience class suggestion. If you can't do that you can teach Chico on your own as Boogaloo suggested. I enrolled Annabelle in puppy class but have taught the other two the come command. We also just had our backyard fenced in. It is such a lifesaver! It was becoming impossible to walk them as much as they needed on leashes.

Sounds like Chico is wanting you to play "chase" with him but you are definitely wiser and know that he could be hurt by our Houston traffic.

I'm in the Stafford/Sugar Land area. Whereabouts are you located in Houston?
Re: Chico

I'm looking into obedience classes but haven't found many. One of the Petsmart stores has one in a couple of months. I've obedienced trained dogs in the past and have started him already but I think the distractions in a class would be a good thing.

My main question wasn't how to fix the problem as much as to ask if any of your dogs had done this, going from sweet to manic in just a few weeks!

latenight423 said:
....I'm in the Stafford/Sugar Land area. Whereabouts are you located in Houston?
I'm on the east side in Highlands, about 5 miles north of Baytown, right off I-10 east.
I think that all chis go through sort of a ....... teenage stage. :D
SC said:
I think that all chis go through sort of a ....... teenage stage. :D
Yeah, I think so too :) . Mr. Peepers is normally very good for me but lately he has been running out of my house and not coming back when I call him :shock: ! That can be very annoying. We live pretty far back from the street but it's still scary. Now Buster always does the 'chase me' thing so I'm always pretty cautious when it comes to him.
One obedience class that I took, the instructor had a very good idea. Don't run after the dog, because that is what they want. Instead, turn around and walk the other direction and they usually will follow.
But on the other hand, if one of my chis is getting to the point of not coming when I call, they are put on a lead, no matter how much effort it takes, and are only out on the lead until they can come when called. I make it a point to call them in and pet them, then let them run again, then call and pet, all while on the lead. That way if they do not come when called, they can be reeled in. I have a female that was just in season, so she was going out on the lead. She had the lead for 2 weeks, and now she is very well behaved, she stays close to me and comes when called. It is a wonder what 2 weeks will do. Good luck with the lead, things will get better.
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