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Thanks for posting this. I've scoured the net for legit breeders (yes, I found your site). I took me a year to find a breeder. It's SO difficult to find a breeder in our area. I am sickened by and vehemently opposed to puppy mills, but I understand why people buy from pet shops in our area. It's the only option if you don't find what you're looking for in rescue. (In our are, luckily, chis under 10 lb. are almost nonexistent.) Not blaming the breeders, just stating the problem. I don't have a solution, just venting.

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It is hard to find a reputable breeder these days.

I live near Hoopa, where there are so many Chi mixes who need homes, medical care, and love, so I can understand why the breeders are so cautious with us: they don't want their pet quality babies winding up being used in factory farm puppy mills!

Natsumi2014 has a legitimate need for a well bred pet quality puppy and this shouldn't be so hard, but the problem is systemic and nothing personal.

I was told at my local dog expo that sometimes it just isn't possible to find a well bred pet quality purebred unless you are able to travel large distances and have good internet communication skills. Natsumi2014's daughter deserves better than that and so do dogs.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts