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Chihuahua breeding sizes

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I have 2 chihuahua's, The male is 8.5-9.0 lbs and the female is a little over 6 lbs. Does anyone know if they are safe to breed together?

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from all the other posts about size and breedeing they seem to be good sizes... I am no expert tho.
I would think thats okay but I'm no expert either but I think that since your female is a good size it should be ok. I think. :D
I think the male should always be smaller than the female. I'm not a breeder, but that seems like the safest way to go. This male is almost 50% larger than the female.
:wink: I'm pretty sure the good breeders we have on the board will answer this questions better but for what I've read it is safer and better for the dad to be smaller than the mom...the puppies will be smaller and as grown ups the chis will be small (not that there's anything wrong with bigger chis mine is almost 6lbs and growing :D )..the mom seems to be on the better side for breeding but since the dad is already almost 8lbs..those will be some pretty big pups (you might get only 1 too, due to size) :wink:
If the weights were the other way around it would be totally safe and a great match but as its the bitch that is smaller I would say no its not safe but once again Im not a breeder so dont have much experience other than what ive read and heard - you may want to consider getting a stud in who is maybe about 4 pounds in weight which would suit your bitch better :wave:
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