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Chihuahua colours

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I first posted a while ago but life has been so hectic since I haven't had a chance to come back.

Anyway, hi again!

I'm still looking for a chi puppy, preferably female, but wanted to ask a few questions first.

What colours do chihuahuas come in in the UK? Whilst in Spain a couple of years ago I saw a chi in a sort of chocolate and tan colour and fell in love with the colour. However I haven't seen any chi's in this colour in the UK (although I have to admit they seem to be rarer than hens' teeth down here in the West Country anyway) they all seem to be a dark fawny golden colour. Do they actually come in any other colours in the UK?

Well, hope someone can help. Last time I was on here I promised I'd post pictures of my current two spaniels, so I will once I work out how to!
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Chi's come in a vast range of colours in the uk the most popular are probably fawn, red, cream,white with black and tan,sable, parti coloured and silver often available (i've probably forgotten some colours) but chocolate and blues are around but you need to find a breeder that has dogs that carry the blue or chocolate gene. Also when you buy a puppy of a certain colour you can never 100% say what they will turn out as some get lighter some darker it all depends on the chi. I had a black masked red and I currently have a blue/fawn but both of their colours changed weekly the red began to lose his mask and become lighter and my current boy is getting lighter by the day but started out a chocolate/blue colour at 5 weeks.

Are you interesting in a smooth or long coat? I would recommend contacting the british chihuahua club and going on breeders waiting lists I waited 9 months for both my pups (long coats) from good breeders, the wait for a smooth coat currently seems to be longer. Girls are almost impossible to get hold of unless you have contacts as breeders will keep female puppies often and chi's only have small litters.

Stick around the forum and you will learn a lot of valuable info from a lot of very knowledgable people :) Good luck in finding ur ideal chi-baby

Sarah & Stitch
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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your response.

I'm actually looking for a smoothcoat as I prefer them and to be honest although I really like the chocolate coloured pup I saw I'd be happy with just about any colour!

Thanks for recommending I contact the British Chihuahua Club, I'll do that. I'm having trouble finding breeders in this part of the country though, having said that I travelled a 5 hour round trip top get my spaniels so I have no problem with travelling.

I'd also prefer a chi that's on the smaller size but I'm worried breeders will think I'm after one of the teeny tiny litttle ones that seem to be all the fashion with celebs (which I'm not, I just want a smaller rather than larger pup).

Anyway, thanks for the tip, I'll keep searching!

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