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Chihuahua Cough or Weez

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One of my Chihuahuas got this weez/cough about a week or 2 ago and it sounds like when they pull too hard on their collar/leash when you walk em,,, you know that sound when they choke themselves,,, she is doing it several times a day,,, as it doesn't seem life threatening in anyway, I thought I'd check here before taking her to my vet whose new car, boat, and new vacation home were all financed by me and my patronage, LOL.
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I have taken her collar completely off after loosening it and none of this has stopped it,,, "when does she do it",,, all times of the day, and night, and without obvious cause or regularity, I guess I'm looking for some expert advise from someone who has experienced this problem or a vet who has cured this,,, thanks
it could be a few things kennel cough, collapsing trachea and reverse sneezing come to mind. i'd make a vet appointment if i were you.
I think my Chi does the same thing yours is doing, but he only does it when he gets excited, like when someone walks in the front door. The vet said it was reverse sneezing and I should give him childrens benadryl (sp?) You said yours does it when you pull on their collar on walks? I wouldn't pull at all because their trachea is very sensitive and pulling to hard could cause it to collapse...I'd switch to a harness if I were you.
no I don't walk her unless she's in her harness but around the house the harness seems too restrictive so we opted for a loose fitting collar, and removed that as the problem persisted, and she doesn't necessarily get triggered by that, it seems to happen out of the blue sometimes or at night sometimes when there is no stimulation at all,,, I'm puzzled, not kennel cough either as she is very healthy and has limited exposure to other animals, and is UTD on all shots, definately an excitable type tho, hmmm,
I would definitely go to the vet because the reverse sneezing is usually only when they get excited and is not a regular thing. Hope it is nothing and your baby gets over it soon :wave:
My little man had a coughing episode about 2 weeks ago. He sounded like a goose honking, he also got it in the middle of the night and it went on for 20 minutes or so, he gets it every once in I panicked and went to my vet who said it was reverse sneezing...anyways he doesn't do it regularly, but when he does do it I make him lick my hand or lick something, or I massage his throat and it makes him stop...
hey i would definitely pay a visit to you vet :wave:

kisses nat
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