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Hi All,

First post as I'm new here so hi to everyone. I'm having some major issues with one of my Chihuahuas going to the toilet while in the crate.

Bit of background - I have 2 x male chihuahuas and both are 5 years old, Tyson and Roddy. They both weren't properly trained from puppies as my ex partner had them living at her house for the first 14 months of their life and I wasn't around much to train them.

So Tyson used to have issues now and again but he hasnt done anything in his crate for months.

Roddy on the other hand is having a lot of issues crate training. There is no pattern to when he goes in the crate, he is always fed at the same time every day and has his drinks round the same time(water is taken up after a certain time at night)

He gets walked twiced a day(quite early as well normally 6:30-7am) he also gets took out multiple times a day in between that to go to the toilet.

I have tried literally everything I can think of and read online but he still just randomly wee's and poo's in his crate.

So i have tried:

Putting him in a smaller crate
praising every time he goes to the toilet outside
cleaning the crate with the proper solution for pets to take away the smell
removing his blanket
adding blanket in
feeding him in the crate so he knows its where he eats
treats for going outside

He eats the same amount as Tyson but seems to have more poo's

I have also have two dog trainers in at a considerable cost but their advice was also unsuccessful

Im at a complete loss on what to do as there is no pattern at all to when he goes - he can go 3-4 days without any accidents then all of a sudden he wee's 3 times in his crate in a day or he can start doing it for a few days again. I don't believe its as medical issue as he's always kind of been like this.

Im looking for any advice to help out with this situation as its frustrating to get up early every day and let him out late at night to see no results, all while working long hours and having a new baby. I don't want to get rid of him at all as i think he will be passed round familes who cant deal with him but its so hard at the moment.


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