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My chihuahua is usually a very happy and loveable dog, but for the last 5 days since she had her teeth cleaned (anesthetic-free method) she's been acting very strange. This is not her first time having her teeth cleaned with this method, and they used coconut oil for the cleaning.

Since her cleaning she's been cowering, hiding in her carrier, and yelps as if in pain if we move to fast around her, touch her without warning her, or startle her in any way. She has no problems eating and has not had a change in diet. The teeth cleaning people mentioned that her two top bilateral molars were slightly loose, so my concern is that they were irritated during the cleaning and she's constantly in pain, however she allowed me to run my fingers along her teeth without issue. I also have felt/pressed on her whole body to see if a specific area is tender, and it doesn't seem that way.

The strange part is that occasionally she seems completely normal; wags her tail, rolls over for belly rubs, gives us kisses, and seems happy. And then it all goes downhill and she's back to being in pain.

Does anyone have any insight?
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