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Hi, I am not a chihuahua owner.
I have a [intact] rottweiler. My other dog is a [spayed] lab mix.

Currently, my female rottie is in heat. My husband and I own a large, fenced in yard. Whenever we let our dogs out, we stand outside to monitor them. However, one day someone rang our door bell as we were letting the dogs our and we just... forgot. I know this is very irresponsible and I could kick myself.

Fast forward.

The neighbor's FREE-ROAMING chihuahua (we just moved into the neighborhood and didn't realise this till too late), managed to squeeze between the tiniest gap in the gate of the fence. Our dog was outside 5 - 10 minutes, give or take...

This was 2 days ago. Now, this morning, the chihuahua is in the backyard again, trying to mount my rottweiler (I was with my dog this time and promptly brought her back in the house after chasing this chihuahua away).

Here is my question. Is it possible that the male chihuahua has already successfully mated with my dog, and will he continue to try after being successful? OR, is it more likely that he wasn't successful the first time he got to my rottie, and that's why he keeps coming around? I've read that chihuahuas are "sexually aggressive."

I'm considering bringing my rottweiler to the vet this week to see if they can test for pregnancy, but if it's too late, is there a pill or medication to safely terminate an early pregnancy? We also have 4 cats and our household is full. I'm also not willing to give any puppies to the neighbors since they keep letting their intact chihuahua roam...
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