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Chihuahua Meet up

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I will be attending my first chihuahua meet up the Nassau/Suffolk county meetup. Yaaaaaaaaaaay I cant wait I missed the others because I was in Florida :cry:
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be sure to take loads of pics !!! :wink:

kisses nat
When is the next meetup? I only live about an hour from Nassau County...I'd love to take Lucy:)
Wait it says your from georgia lol. This is nassaus/suffolk NY. but if you put in yur state and zip ccode it will bring up your group in your aea. Go here and register with the group that is matched with your county. then after you register you can make reservations and such if you are going. all times and locations will be posted. Hope this helps :)
You will have so much fun. Remeber your camera :wink: because I wanna see pics :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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