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Are they KC registered or not? I paid £800 for my KC reg chi pup in 2021 which I believe is a fair price for a well bred pedigree puppy. Most pups are now back to a sensible price after the ridiculous amounts being asked for during the covid fiasco though you still see those trying their luck at £1500-£3000 for non registered puppies. Nobody should be paying those sort of prices for a dog without papers as it could a total mix of anything but chihuahua! I would say price at around £800 if KC pet quality or up to £1000 if exceptionally good lines and perhaps a little more for a show potential puppy. Less if not registered.

Don't put a higher charge on "teacups", "rare" colours, females over males or vice versa. These are all gimmicks done by bad breeders only interested in profit trying to dupe someone into paying for a rarity (which doesn't exist), and will put off genuine knowledgeable people, (the sort you do want to sell to) by making you look like one of the ones to avoid. Also, just because somebody is willing to pay an extravagant price it doesn't necessarily mean they will be good owners. Quite the opposite in fact.
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