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I've started to create my own wish-list of Chihuahua-themed gifts for the upcoming holiday season (and my birthday, which is in January ;)). I figured some of you on CP might also like to take a look! I'll probably keep adding to this list if I find other things that I really love.. I bet a lot of these would make great stocking stuffers. Most are under $20.

Gift Wrapping:
Chihuahua Holiday Greeting Cards
Antique Chihuahua Silhouette Notecards
Chihuahua Blank Cards
Chihuahua Holiday Gift Tags 1
Chihuahua Holiday Gift Tags 2
Chihuahua Stickers 1
Chihuahua Stickers 2

Chihuahua Pocket Mirror
Kawaii Chihuahua Clutch
Kawaii Chihuahua Large Zipper Pouch 1
Kawaii Chihuahua Large Zipper Pouch 2
Kawaii Chihuahua Coin Purse
Kawaii Chihuahua Square Pouch
Fox Felt Mobile Phone Case (Okay, so it's not a chi, but it looks like one!)

Chihuahua with Glasses T-Shirt
Chihuahua Mary Jane Shoes

Chihuahua Hanging Dish Towel 1
Chihuahua Hanging Dish Towel 2
Chihuahua Magnets 1
Chihuahua Magnets 2
Chihuahua "Enjoy Life" Magnet
Chihuahua Tequila Label Magnet
Ceramic Chihuahua Dollhouse Figurine
Handpainted Chihuahua Coffee Mug
Chihuahua Throw Pillow 1
Chihuahua Throw Pillow 2
Microwavable Chihuahua Wheat Warmer
Chihuahua Christmas Tree Ornament

Chihuahuas Fill a Sink at Bath Time
Chihuahua Canvas Painting
Long Hair Chihuahua Inspirational Dog Art 1
Long Hair Chihuahua Inspirational Dog Art 2 (It's really a silhouette of a papillon, but they look very similar.)
Short Hair Chihuahua Inspirational Dog Art
Black and White Chihuahua Ears Photo
Chihuahua and Sara Portrait
Chee-S the Chihuahua Print
Hand-Cut Chihuahua Silhouette on Book Page
Art Print of Chihuahua Painting 1
Art Print of Chihuahua Painting 2
Chihuahua Playing Guitar Painted Ceramic Tile
Long Hair Chihuahua Car Decal
Short Hair Chihuahua Car Decal


Enjoy! :D
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