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You'll note that many people have been saying "my two Chis."

My ONE chi does NOT like being left alone at all. At first he hated his cage, of course, but I fed him in it and accustomed him to it and now he's very good in it. But he has terrible separation anxiety. He associates the alarm clock with a cage day and cowers from us when we try to pick him up. Then he panics when I carry him to the cage in the morning, though when I put him in he sits down quietly and looks at me (he no longer has hysterics like he did at first). He still gets VERY worked up when we get home, and he doesn't like to go to sleep at night on cage days. I've had to compromise by bringing him to work once or twice a week for my own sanity.

Depending on what you do and the personality of your puppy, Chis can do well at home by themselves. But if a dog has separation anxiety, it can be difficult to deal with. The key is finding out what to do about your puppy's problems and then being consistent (which is funny coming from the most inconsistent person in world, me).

Every Chi I've been around did just fine if he had another dog (or even cat) for company. For example, my aunt's Chihuahua did well from day 1, because my aunt drops her off with my grandmother's Maltese. They sit on the back of the couch and bark at cars out the window all day (and occasionally tear up tissues), as far as I can tell. If a puppy wasn't so much responsibility, I might get another just to give Puck a playmate.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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