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Before I took in my Buffy ( she used to br my mothers but now she's MINE ALL MINE) I'left my Spike all alone with only my Shadar Shadarim (1/2 siamese, 1/2 champion fence climber). He seemed okay then. But after I got my baby girl, my little boy has learned new talents. I've been a fan of blues music for a while now. My Buffy has taught me (every time I leave the house) :) that NO ONE can sing the blues like a chihuahua. The fact that Spike sings the male part of the duet (when he never did before) tells me that the old saying is true. Misery really does love company.
Does anyone else have a Chi who can sing the blues like Bessie Smith, T-Bone Walker or Muddy Waters. Anyway I would guess that your little one would like some company to sing with. I've never met a Chi who didn't like to sing.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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