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Tucker has been left alone since 2 wks after I got him. I stayed home with him for 2wks, then took him on a trip wiht me then came home and went back to my regular schedule. He was 4mos by that time. I have found that he does fine if he's partitioned off to the dining area/kitchen. If I give him run of hte house he's more anxious and will bark at every noise (according to neighbors). It works for me to gate him off, its a fairly large area and he shows no signs of resentment. He does know when its a "cage day" as someone coined it, and he will go on over to his bed and lay down when he sees me putting on my shoes. He does get very excited when one of us comes home but hey, I'm happy to see him too. I usuallly spend a few minutes playing fetch and if its still light out I take him for a quick walk, that helps with the extra energy.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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