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Can you mix chis and young children?

  • No young children may hurt a chi

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  • No chihuahuas dont like young children

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  • If the child is responsible then yes

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  • Yes theres no problem

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Most text recommend that you do not get a chihuahua if you have young children, so the question is how well does your chihuahua interact with children and how well do they interact with your chi

please feel free to vote and give a more detailed written answer
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Yes I am starting to worry as all though I dont plan on having kids just yet , I am nearly 25 and it is something I definately want in the future, so all those who had chis before they had kids let me know how they got on :wave:
well theres 3 kids that come round to play with keeks, two of the little girls were actualy round today, and its the first time ive seen keeks actualy hide from someone. The kids tend to treat the chi too much like a toy and keeks gets fed up and wants to runaway. On the other hand i think the little boy is quite gentle and keeks enjoys playing with him, so id say it very much depends on the kids but as a general rule id say they dont mix well because younger kids tend to be clumsier and rough handle the chis
We got Zeus when my daughter was 18 months old. She's been around relatives dogs and is very gentle to dogs, our cats, and ferret. We got Zeus for her for Christmas and she is wonderful with him. They both play very well together and he has never shown ANY aggression towards her. He play nips with my husband and I, but not with my daughter. However, they are never left unattended.

I think it really depends on the child and dog. Every child has their own personality and every dog has their own personality. We got Zeus when he was 9 weeks old, so they are growing up together. If an older Chi has never been exposed to children, then I think it would be much harder to get the two use to each other.

I had always heard the old saying that Chi's shouldn't be around young children, but I like to prove things myself and I found this to be wrong. This is only my experience with Zeus now at 9 months old.
Okay, so this one will definitely give my age away...after all I see all the pics of members, I know that you are quite young. :shock:
Okay, my chis only have my grandkids to play with. Chica likes the baby who is 8 months and she will tolerate the older one who is 7, but the two middle girls-3 & 5 yrs are not tolerated by the chis at all. I have tried to introduce them when they were puppies, but the kids just seem to want to carry them around like toys. The chis did not like that. Or I thought that maybe when the kids are younger they tend to be unstable when they are walking around, so the dogs don't feel secure. I have tried to have the kids sit down and hold or pet them, but nothing seems to help. The chis just try to get away as soon as they are able and then they give the kids a wide berth, or run and hide. :lol: I just do not feel that a chi is a great dog for a small child. Maybe a child that is older than 7, because I have seen older children with chis and they seem to interact well.
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We babysit a 1 yr old and a soon to be 5 yr old. I have one chi, one eskie, and a cat. They are all great with them, my eskie is the most friendly with them. But the children know that they are not allowed to pick them up and if any of my babies jump or crawl on them, the kids are supposed to just stand up and turn away. I am not sure how other kids would treat my babies but the 5 yr old listens very well (he is my little brother) and is never mean, he knows he will go on time out if he is! lol.
And the baby just hangs out in a bouncer, or walker, or swing, so he just watches the babies, and the dogs just jump around his feet. lol.
As for my older brothers and sisters, ( 9 yr old, 10 yr old) they are really good to.

I have not had a bad experience with mixing children and dogs including chis in general. As long as the children are VERY well behaved (Which most aren't, they are just playful curious children).
I had Montana before I had my kids . Our 2 children grew up with him and it was the greatest thing ever.
This is a tough question. As others have said every chi is different and every child is different. In general though I love chis but if I had a child it would not be the dog I would pick. They are so small and easy to hurt and a child may not realize that. I know Auggie doesn't like for children to pick him up which is the first thing they want to do. He is fine if they want to play with him by just running around but then I worry they will step on him. He is sooo fast and tends to run right to your feet. We have to be extremely careful walking and running with him. I personnaly would pick a larger, more sturdy dog for a childrens pet. I think the child and dog would both be happier.
I agree that it depends on the child and the dog, but in general i wouldn't ever leave them unattended and I never allow a child to hold my puppy, except sitting down. My Pablo does love my 4 year old grandson and neices and nephews and has never gotten snappy with them. But that is because he knows them. It wouldn't take much to hurt a chi.
Kemo does NOT like children I am so glad my daughter is nearly 16, or that would have been a problem.
Like everyone said it depends on the child.
All three of my dogs love my brother, who was 7yrs old when I first got them. He is very careful with them and he is use to small dogs so he understood how easly they can be hurt.
I will say that very small children do not mix with chi's. They might mean well but they really cannot understand just how easly they can hurt such a tiny dog.
Thats my 2cents...
It has been great for my daughter (3yrs. old) and Mr. Peepers. But there are certain things that I am strict about. I do not allow her, or any other child, to pick up Mr. Peepers. I also don't leave them unattended very often. I never forced Mr. to love her. I think when you try to force them it just makes it harder for the chi to be comfortable. Now I can't seperate the two. He wants to sleep, play, eat and do everything else with her. He even sits patiently in the bathroom while she is taking her bath.

Like I said before, clearly Mr. is Alex's doggie, now I just need to get me one! (nice excuse, don't you think?) :wink:
Nice excuse to get another one, Imkari. ;) I don't think that would work on my husband though. :(

The bond your daughter has with Mr. seems very similar to my daughter (also Alex) has with Zeus. He is always following her wherever she goes. I'll say to him "Where's Alex?" and he'll find her. We also have a few ground rules when they are together. Alex is not allowed to pick him up and she is not allowed to run in the house at all. She knows if she does Zeus goes for a "time out" in the other room and she really hates that. From day one, Alex sits in my lap next to Zeus when he is eating and to this day, he has never shown any signs of aggression towards her. That doesn't mean I take a chance either. She knows not to put her face near him when he's eating. I never leave then unattended either. If I can't actively watch them, they get seperated.
I love Zeus. So he is just as much a gentleman as he is beautiful! Do you feel that he has taken to Alex more than anyone else? Mr. has. I seriously can't seperate the two. If Alex is out of Mr.'s sight, he'll go where she is and stay there. And if Mr. is out of Alex's sight she'll say 'where's Mr.?' and go find him. I am so happy they are that way with eachother.
I think out of all the family members (husband, me, daughter), he enjoys playing with Alex the most. He enjoys laying on her bed when she's playing in her room. When Alex is having a snack, he's right there next to her hoping for a sneak hand out. I'd say 95% of the time, Alex is the one who gives him treats. He looks to me for his meals,playing ball, and going potty. Alex can't quite throw far enough for him. Zeus looks at my husband as his "rough housing buddy". He knows he can only rough house with my husband. I think each family member has a role in Zeus' mind. Alex-play time, husband-rough house and me- Food, loving, and security (he hides next to me when it's lightening outside). It was so cute (but sad) last night. I was ironing and had a long robe on. Zeus crawled under the robe and sat at my feet in the robe while it was thundering. When the thundering was over, he took a peek out, got on the bed and went to sleep.
Well my youngest are now 4 and 5. The youngest was 3 when we got our Chi's. My son totes the dogs around everywhere . I do have to keep a watchful eye because sometimes there might be un intentional things like not letting go when the dog is squirming but nothing bad has really happened. I'm jusy very strict with my boys in how to handle from the beginning and they do pretty well with the dogs. of course I do have a bit of a problem with rides down the sliding board.... LOL

My Chi's Love the kids and I think it's all a matter of how they have been here growing together since the Chi was new . i think an older Chi would have been different but the baby Chi's know no other life so they don't resent the little ones but rather join with them as sibilings.

All my dogs love my children and I have all toy breeds. I really think the getting along is a combination of growing together and teaching the boys they can play but not be too rough.
I have a 2yr old daughter who gets along great with my chihuahuas because she follows the RULES:
1) NO picking up the dogs.
2) NO peeking in on the pups (especially when mommy dog is in there)
3) NO bugging the dogs when they are eating, chewing on a rawhide or playing with specific toys
4) NO kicking, smacking, pulling or tugging on the dogs or thier body parts
5) We watch where we step
6) NO running inside with the dogs
7) NO handfeeding the dogs
8) If the doggie shows its teeth or its hair pokes up, back up and tell mommy in a quiet voice.
9) NO screaming at the dogs (thats mommy's job)
10) NO coloring on the dogs (there is a reason for this rule!! My tan Gus was colored purple once with a marker :shock: )
PURPLE!! That must have been hilarious!! Non-toxic I hope :lol: ?
Tucker has only been around my soon to be 4-year old granddaughter, as far as kids go. Jasmine has pets at home, so is more aware than some children of how to treat animals. Plus her mom and I talked with Jasmine about how fragile Tucker is and how gentle she must be when playing with him. Also, I supervise any time that they spend together. :)
i am 25 yrs old and i have 3 kids ages 6,4,1 and well i think really it depends on the age of the dog and how well the chi owner handles things...i don't let the kids pick her up...or put there face in hers....and she learned real quick to stay away from my youngest she doesn't mind aulivia (my youngest) if I am holding mia and gide aulivias hand, but for safty around other kids like friends i don't let mia around cuz i don't want them to hurt her or her hurt them so it is best to not have them around her....
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