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Hi all I have a beautiful 2yr chi female and would love some advice about big dogs living with chis.

I live alone and want to buy a puppy that can be a guard dog for protection for the home myself and my chi. thinking of buying a staffordshire bull terrier, Bullmastiff, Great Dane, bulldog or Rottweiler.. not sure which as all have good/ bad points. Am really worried about getting the right breed to be safe for my chi, and not too high energy as we live in a ground floor apartment with a nice garden. My chi is a playful mothering girl loves other dogs she would never ‘stick up for herself’ so wont reprimand a ott puppy.

Am not sure if to trust a rescue dog with my chi tbh as you never know their history

Does anyone own one of these breeds with your chis? What is your experience
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