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Please re-read the post, it was dripping with pet hate is puppy farms and tea cups, please read a post properly before you jump in, thanks.

Thank you Brodysmom.

Do you have alot of people posting trying to stir up trouble in here? It's a serious question because the above poster is either very young/dense/or trying to stir things, another pet hate of mine, so if so I'd rather know now and go and sign up elsewhere, I hate the forums where you ask a simple question and everyone goes off on a tangent instead of answering your question. (My original post was NOT about breeding) It borders on troll like, or at least deliberate stirring...

1. While we all have opinions, please keep your posts polite and friendly. Be respectful of others opinions even if you don’t agree - We will not tolerate spamming or flaming
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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