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chis & their pals

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i saw this street performer with a
sharpei pup that had a tiny baby
mouse just chilling on him, licking
him, cleaning him. it was the cutest

so hey...i thought it would be cute to
post pix of our chis and their pals
(human, animal, stuffed animal, etc)
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this is bobo's girlfriend vixen the reindeer
he likes to beat up on her... :oops:
he likes to make her sleep with him too.

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awwwww those piccys are sooo cute!!
Those are some cute pics and even cuter chis. Send Bobo and that backscratcher over to my place. I have an itch I can't reach and OmaKitty refuses to help me out!!
lol...bobo's back scratcher has no scratchy ends because
he chewed it all off! now its kinda fuzzyish?
Sure, twist my arm and I'll rummage around for some pics of Lily and her friends. :lol:
Paco with his best buddy

Here's Paco and his little sister Hanna. Hanna is almost 8 months old now and the reason why mommy can't get a new chi puppy.
lol..these pics are sooooo adorable<3
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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