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Chocolate milk??

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:scratch: I know that chocolate itself is bad for doggies but is chocolate milk bad also??? I'm wondering because I was serving myself some and I dropped some on the floor...Stinky right away thought it was a treat and I think he really likes it....he kept jumping for you guys have any idea if it's as bad as chocolate?
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Yes it is!
The chocolate is bad as well as the milk!
Chocolate contains caffine among other things and the milk will cause diarrhea.
If he just got a drop I am sure he will be fine, but don't give him any on purpose or you will have 1 sick puppy.
I saw an Emergency Vet show where a dog died from getting caffine!
What is toxic about chocolate is theobromine
If I under stand it correctly a dog system does not rid itself of the
theobromine, so it does build up over time.
But it is the theobromine that is toxic to the dog, and it is found in chocolate of any form.
Bad stuff for any doggie :wave:
yeah it is because my doggie holly was sick after she ate a choc bar which we didnt know about so noo dont do it! i dont want your iccle doggie getting sick too!
I did some research online one day about this topic. While chocolate is generally very bad for dogs, the bakers chocolate is the stuff that can kill your dog. Milk chocolate will just make ur dog ill.
Milk in general is bad for dogs...I mean dairy milk. There is something in cows milk that both dogs and cats cannot digest and that alone will make them sick. So no milk, no chocolate (gosh I would go mad if I was told that :wink: )
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