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Does anyone on this forum have a worry that your loved one will choke on something? I watch Timmy with everything that he puts in his mouth, toys, bullysticks, raw hide bones.

I am so worried that he will choke on something. I just lost my beloved cat named Baby very suddenly. He took his last breath in my arms.

And now I am so over concerned with Timmy, that something will happen to him when I am at work. It's so hard leaving him to go to work. All day at work just worry about him.
Has anyone gone through this?
I completely understand how you feel. We lost a dog Frisco in August. And he passed in my arms too. Everything with Cricket I'm worried about. The way she breathes when she gets excited or cause she eats so fast. I just am really careful especially with the holidays. No tensil around her food dish no small bones. Even Oreo our big dog, gets larger bones. I understand how you feel. Sorry about the kitty.
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