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clares chi diary

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Right I have decided to start my diary so :

Dear diary :D

Bad day today Adam has said that I have got to wait awhile until I can get my little girl as he is starting up his own engineering company and he leaves his present job the end of the month so that means money is going to be tight until they are on their feet , so today when I ring a lady who has a 3 week old black/tan girl and I tell him he decides to tell me we should really wait a =while so now I am really sad as I really want to get Ozzy a friend as he is becoming very unsociable to strangers and strange dogs :( and I wanted to get another one while he was still a puppy in the hope that he will adjust well as I think the older he gets the more troublesome it will become, anyway thanks for listening guys Im sure I will get my little girl one day until then Ive got my little Ozzy so im not too hard done by :D

Ozzy has been wild today all he has done is run around the house and into the garden dig up the garden so it is now covered in holes and then proceed to run on the cream rug with dirty paws .................. lol and I thought I wanted 2 :D

speak soon :wave:
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My boyfriend might get fired, and he doesn't help with the dog anyway. But with Puck possibly having some health problems that will need treatment (if he has them), I'll definately have to wait too.

I still haven't actually talked to any of my housemates about another dog. Except that I mention it a lot to our roommate and he doesn't sound too thrilled.

Well, I agree, I really need to wait until Puck is potty trained. But I want him to have a little friend so bad. And have two little sweeties. :cry:

It's hard to wait once you've made up your mind, isn't it? But I waited nearly two years to get Puck... but that was partially because I couldn't find an affordable dog, not any other consideration.
Dear diary

got up at 12 midday today (as i was at work until 7 am) me and ozzy had a bit of brekkie and a play in the garden for an hour or so, then me and adam went food shopping and we went into a pet shop and brought Ozzy a new collar it is black leather with silver spikes on....................he thinks hes a right hard man now :lol: got him a new toy a big sort squeaky elephant, then we got back and he had a bit of dinner and we all went for a walk over high gate common ( a great big forest type place) he was on his extendable lead so he had a good run and explore around, it was so hot here today and he stuck his head out the car window all the way home, now him and mommy are pooped he is asleep on the sofa and mommy has got so much washing and ironing to do but she keeps chatting on the bloody computer and never gets no work done....................oh well :wink:
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Oh Clare, you took me back exactly 20 years and i got all emotional :cry: 20 years ago last month we got Toby our first chi and his first ever collar was a brown leather one with spikes on !!!!!!!
oooooooooh they look so cute in the dont they I will take a pic of him in it for you donna :wave:
dear Diary

have just got back from work to find my house in chaos and ozzy no where to be found, he has ripped apart one of his toys all over the cream rug I have blue and red fluff, his water bowel is knocked over so i was worried he was dead in a corner from dehydration so I start shouting him HE eventually slinks out from behind the sofa with even more red and blue fluff all over his face and body his expression is saying "mommy ! I was just looking behind the sofa to see if the naughty peopel who did this to your rug were hiding behind there, but I cant find them " he is a little monster I make him a fresh drink put him outside (as he has not gone potty on his pad for 3 days...........yey i think ive cracked it) he then has a bit of dinner , I shower he watches (little perv) then we go for a leisurely stroll where he growels at 6 people , 4 dogs , 2 birds and a piece of paper on the floor (not sure why the paper it didnt even move) anyway we are both hot and bothered now and are going to have a cool down :wave:
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addition to todays diary , well since i bragged it has been 3 days he has since pooped right on my bloody bedroom curtain and he hasnt pooped in the house for weeks , I am never saying anything a bloody gain I cant believe what a monster he has been today we are seriously not friends today I have told him he will not have no treats until he behaves like a big boy :roll:
Dear diary

well today started off great Ozzy had another dry night and he had his breakfast with me and we had a play in the garden with jake the cat (well ozzy chased him round until jake got fed up and jumped on top of the fence) I then had to get ready for work as I have been on a late today, had a great suprise before I went to work my mom came round and gave me £500 from her retirement payout :D so it looks like I will be able to look for my little girl quicker than i thought only problem is when you can get one you cant find one :lol: I then trundled off to work and had a really busy shift as I was the only trained nurse on and had 2 poorley patients , I finally got home at 10 pm and took ozzy for a walk had dinner and sat down to watch er and Ozzy was been so naughty , he then went very quiet and that is when you have to worry I went in the kitchen and found my slioppers all chewed up, I dont understand how such tiny teeth can cause such damage , so again we are not friends and I have come upstairs to have a shower and get to bed as i am back on at 7 in the morning , so goodnight all :D
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dear diary,

got up early played and fed ozzy then left for work got back at 4 yipee he is such a gfood boy no potty on his pad he held himself for 8 hours he is such a good boy :lol: i am so prouud, got back and took him a walk over the park where we met his new friend jake the cocker spaniel well ozzy growled at him but wagged his tail at the same time so i am sure he likes him really, we had a good hour over the park and then we came back and had dinner we have sat curled up on the sofa tonight and watched charmed and er are faves :lol: we are now having an early night as mommy is on early again tomorrow and she is going to her sister in laws hen party tmorrow night so night night everyone :D

ooh ps no news on the little girl front sent another couple of emails but still not heard anything :?
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dear diary............

wow im so sorry it has been so long since I last wrote, well since as most of you know I found my little girl Lily boo who is ozzys litter mate............and now I feel like my family is complete :D I mean there is always room for one more chi and I would still love a smooth haired..........but I am grateful for the 2 god gave me.

got up this morning and we had our breaki then had a play in the garden , you 2 have been fighting all morning while I have been doing the housework, so I came up to check the forum and you are all curled up on the spare bed with the cat as the sun is shining look like angels when you are sleeping :wave:

my mom came round and you lily still wont let anyone pick you up except me and adam............why are you scared of everyone they all love you so barked at my dad for about 10 mins then you let him pet you.........strange dog.

you ozzy were as wonderful as ever showering everyone with kisses ......... you have so much love for people you know but you are a monster with strangers :lol:

anyways I must carry on with my housework as It takes me twice as long when I come and check the site.........hee hee
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