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Closed water thread.....

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I just read the water thread and it is closed so I cannot reply in there. But it was mentioned that Kiwi Love made those posts. If that is the case did it ever occur to anyone here, particularily the mods, that she may have done that because she knows that she cannot reply without some people jumping down her throat and kicking her out? What if she had an opinion that you guys don't agree with, and she felt intimidated to share it? What if she thought she might get banned from sharing her opinion? If that was her she probably just got tired of it and lashed out.

I really really like Ericka and I will stand up for her, even if she has done this. I can't imagine that this was her, so I hope you guys are pretty positive that it was after accusing her of doing it.

I'm just saying that alot of people here feel that they might get banned by sharing their own opinions and that is ridiculous. I even bite my tongue because I like alot of people here, even people that I disagree with and don't want to stir the pot and have alot of people dislike me because of a simple opinion, so I try to stay neutral.

At the end of the day, these are only opinions, that's all.
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I cannot say for sure it was her...we are investigating a glitch or a maybe hacker....I even said that I dont ever remember Kiwi love making posts like that before and wont jump the gun and accuse her...but the IP address used is the same as her account...but only for a couple posts....again we are checking into it cause its really fishy and it just doesnt seem like something KiwiLove would do.

You can share your opinion and not be banned...but saying things like "bite me" or personally attacking a member will not be tolorated. From that intire thread, the only one who got warned and eventually banned was that new member...whoever it was. No one else got warned or banned...the only reason that member got banned was by telling two people "bite me". In the forum rules you cannot do that.

Its too bad that people jump down other peoples throats. You can respectfully disagree with someone but to personally attack a member just because you dont agree with what they said....its getting crazy and yes, the mods are looking into it.
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very true Kari but it can be done in a civilized calling etc etc is always the end result, which will result in warnings.....I too just cant think that it is Ericka....we are trying to see what is going on. Unfortuantely people get mad and that is why the stuff gets blown out of porportion. Trust me other forums are far more strict.

we have brought this up before and if alot of people feel this way then they need to SPEAK up and say it. If they dont like us mods then they can PM admin............I personally am getting tired of it all. :? :( it used to be so nice here. It has gotten too too big.

To say one more thing it has been said before, trying to appease everyone is not an easy task.
i guess jess and i were writing at the same time
I don't believe that that was her and won't believe it until I see her admit to it. I have never seen her be rude or make any kind of negative comments towards anyone here.

Only an opinion but I think it was completely wrong to call out her name like that. If it wasn't her I hope there will be a huge apology given to her.

And if it was her, I hope people will try to understand the reasoning.

Vic, people can disagree and still respect the job that you guys do. You know that I just love you and think you do a great job. You are always here trying to fix many problems that arise.
Agree totally Vic, I too am getting tired of all of this. When did this forum get like this....why all of the sudden are people jumping down other peoples throats just because they disagree wit them...I remember when we all could disagree and laugh about it at the end of the day...when you stated your opinion respectfully, the other members did the same and at the end of the day we all agreed to disagree and move on.

And yes, this forum is very laxed compared to other forums...most forums wont even allow members on if they breed, if they have mixed dogs, etc....this forum is great because we can voice our opinions freely so long as we are nice about it. I have seen a lot of chi forums who ban people because they dont have the same opinions as the people in charge...that does not happen here. I have left many sites because if you didnt share the admin's opinions u got run out of the site and I wasnt going to be a part of a site like that. I just think people are taking advantage of the site and the laxed rules and the fact they dont have to pay anything. Rememer the mods do this for free and there are only 4 of us. We work for free because we love this site but it is getting to the point where the stress and harrassment we get is becoming too much. You know how hard it is to please over 1000 members?

This isnt against you Kari :D ...I am just tired of people making me into a bad guy when all I try to do is give advise. :? Maybe all the negative energy we have to deal with is finally starting to wear on me...i dont know...all I know is that I use to LOVE coming here and now I avoid it because I know when I come on there is always an issue that needs to be addressed....and since the mods are the 'police' of this site we are the most hated.

You are right Kari, it is getting to the point were I am afraid to post my honest opinions here....I did with the water thread and look what matter what people say I did not say anything negative, I never accused anyone of being a bad owner, I never said anyone was wrong....ALL I DID was give advise I have recieved from professionals...thats is. You can disagree with the advise I was given all you want but why sit there and try to bring me down...just because you didnt like what i said..
Its hard to express a point online because what you type is subject to anyones interpretations....a couple people assumed I was being preachy but I was not....I never go into a post with the attitude that I know more...I only go into a post to give my advise and my experiences...its sad when people yell at you when all you are doing is trying to help.

I am done talking about this...I am going to go out with my friends and forget all about this site for a couple hours...again kari this post has nothing to do with u...i am just venting about the day in genearl :wink:
At least I had one member PM me telling me I helped them out :D
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I know I don't hate any of you. What you guys do is tough. And you are right, it is almost impossible to make all of us happy. Especially when it is mostly women that come here. :lol:
I honestly don't even know what thread is being discussed her as I don't remember reading it.

I just wanted to state once again how much I love this site. I think you mods do a great job. I know it is a thank-less job that I don't think I would like to do. There is no way that you can please everyone all the time.

I've been a member of and visited a number of chi sites, and I can say with absolute certainty that this site is by far the best. If you even so much as mention breeding on some of the other sites, you invite the wrath of hades upon yourself. I can truthfully state I've learned more about chis on this site than anywhere else.

That said, I have noticed a change in this site recently. I've only been a member since early this year, but we used to be able to disagree sometime without getting petty and personal. It would be nice if it were that way again and we could behave like intelligent adults. Name calling and personal insults are not mature behavior.
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:wink: At the risk of being banned (I'm not being a smarty pants either, I'm seriously afraid I just might)...I'll just say that I do understand moderating is what if is a free site? I thank the admins for that for this is a great, great place and my donation is on its way :wink: ...some mods are great, level headed and nice and I thank them for that some others come across as rude and overpowering with opinions nobody asked...sorry...but I'm not gonna say "yes, all is peachy" but by no means do I mean that hell should break loose...I think some mods should lead by example and not be rude or arrogant to other members that way they'll get more respect, I know of many who are scared to voice their true opinions and I'm sorry for that too, that's how I end up looking like a troublemaker myself.
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Everyone has a right to their opinion...its how you voice your opinions that everyone needs to watch...whether or not someone is overpowering is one thing...but being rude, name-calling, and putting people down is not appropriate. I dont know why so many people are worried about being banned....only a hand-full of people out of over 1000 have actually been banned, and most of those were I dont know why there is such a worry about it.

Yes the mods need to lead by example, but we are only human and can only tolorate being attacked for so long before we attack stinks when you are trying to make sure everyone is playing by the rules and a handfull of people redicule you for it. Most of the posts we end up responding to are posts that people PM to us and ask for help...members who do not like the behavior that is going around and want us to put a stop to it. When we address the issues we almost always get someone yelling at us because we did something they didnt agree with. I am sure all of you would act the same way if you were in our shoes...

I dont know why we are being so secretive either...there are only 4 mods and I am pretty sure that KBmama and boogaloo are considered the 'good cops'. Thats fine...the truth is that we all talk as a group and make group decissions. Any warnings or bans that are handed out are talked about first.
If Ozzy&LillyMom and I are considered the rude ones thats fine...speaking only for myself I can say with confidence that I never personally attack anyone on this forum...I never swear, I dont put people down, I dont name-call....I follow the rules of the forum, just like everyone else....if I get into an argument, its done over PM and away from the public forum and only twice can I say that I got heated over PM...I normally try to keep my cool there too. If you dont like my personality there is nothing I can do about that...this is me and I refuse to be ashamed...I know that my intentions on this site are good, whether or not certain members agree or not is out of my hands. I am going to continue to do my job here and try to help out as many people as I can and ask for help when I need it because I have made a lot of friends here and there are a lot of people whose opinions I respect and need. I am comfortable with my reputation on this no means do I expect everyone to like me but many members back me up and thats all that I care about. The only reason people need to be scared to voice their opinions is if they are going to break the forum rules...simple as that.
As far as me being arrogant all I can say is that I never mean to be and the only reason I think certain people see me as that is because they have already made judgements about me and will twist whatever I say into me being arrogant...nothing I can do about that.
And as for saying that we voice our opinions when they are not asked of us....(sorry vala but I know you specifically addressed this and I feel I need to answer) if you post a question or concern on this forum you need to be ready for everyones honest answers....we have every right to respond to a thread as you all do...just because certain people dont like it or dont agree with it does not make us bad people. I always tell people, if you dont want my honest opinion then dont ask...the same should go for this forum....dont post something unless you are open enough to hear both sides of it.

Everyone needs to take a step back and breath. The biggest problem is people snapping at others just because they dont agree and that has to stop. Just because someone says something you dont like that does not give you the right to be mean, rude, or sarcastic. If you have an issue just PM that might be suprised how far you can get by talking and finding out that persons true feelings.
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It's good you want to give your opinion Jessica, but there is a way to answer to posts and then there is the wrong way to answer posts. I myself I'm guilty of coming across as rude sometimes but I expect more maturity and tact from somebody who wants my respect. If the member ask for opinions it doesn't mean there isn't a tactful way to say it and if there are people that won't cover everything in sugar then maybe they shouldn't answer to the post.

The example being the water thread, clare posted "they're just dogs people" with a laughing emoticon. Do you honestly believe that all of us consider our chihuahuas "just dogs". No right, then that comments was rude to some people at least it seemed rude to me. Add that all the reasons you said why giving dogs anything more than water is bad...well, fast food is bad for humans but we still eat it. The post was if water was the only thing not give a thousand reasons why not give my dog anything else. Thanks for the info but I didn't see anybody asking for it. I'm not being rude right now, I'm just pointing out why you come across as rude or out of place. The thread was nice till the dog comment. Which goes to show that mods should watch out more.

I understand you guys are humans and have hard days but that doesn't give anybody an excuse to say "what i'm saying is my opinion too bad you don't like it." All I'm saying is that to keep the forum nice you need people's respect and sometimes is just not there.
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I missed the thread you guys are talking about but I will say this; I joined this forum in November of last year and I used to love coming to it, but these days it really has changed.There is way more back-biting and snapping at each other, and that really saddens me.Surely we are all here for the love of our Chi's, and it comes to something when people simply can't be civil.Its not rocket science or the fate of the planet we are discussing's our adorable dogs and we were all brought here by a common love of Chi' why do some people feel that they have the right to shoot others down in flames?

One thing I must state here and now, is that I am extremely grateful to Jessica for her invaluable help she has given me during my recent problems with Poppy. :) She willingly stepped forward and offered me her great advice, something that is in little supply where I live.I valued her input because she spoke from experience and that was a tremendous boost for me....surely this is the kind of help we have this forum for??

If I have a problem with something another member says, I will always drop them a pm and 9 times out of 10, we end up laughing and apologising.Not all of our dirty washing has to washed in front of the entire membership!
Please everyone, lets get this forum back to the way it used to be...friendly, considerate and a pleasure to be part of.I feel we may lose alot of good members if this atmosphere continues :(
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Once again Vala YOU misinterprate me - wether its because im British and you are canadian I dont know - all I do know is you cant even make a joke now without getting jumped on or offending someone - maybe after everything I write i should state if there was a smile on my face, if I was frowning or if I was laughing (because I sure aint gonna sugar coat my words never have never will) - i thought thats what emoticons were for Vala and hence the ( :lol: ) after my post it was a joke to a light hearted thread do you really think I dont treat my dogs as if they are people - would I really come to this forum if I thought my dogs were only dogs - be real !

As for the original content of this thread kari ( you know I love you ) maybe I jumped the gun i was soooooooooooo shocked when I clicked on the first IP it gave me a list of 18 different names including kiwi loves thenwhen I clicked on the 2nd all I got was kiwi loves so I immediately thought it was her - but now thinking back she hasnt been here for quite a while and she was always friendly and inoffensive, but if she does have a problem with Jessica she could of PM rather than saying all the insults for all too see. But I highly doubt and hope it isnt her , hindsight is a wonderful thing - I will whole heartedly apologise and infact I have allready sent her a PM stating I may of been wrong and could she forgive me and that admin are looking into this matter shortly.

anyway there isnt a day that goes by that us mods dont think about leaving - it never used to be this way :cry:

I might be percieved as the bad guy by alot of people because I answer honestly from my heart and I dont sugar coat what Im telling you but thats me and I WONT change for anyone - you aint got to like me , hell you can even ignore me - but when the S*it hits the fan I got all your backs
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I know I don't post as much anymore and I don't even have a chi anymore but I feel I can speak on this topic b/c I have been here for quite some time....I wasn't there to read the thread you all are speaking of but Erica and I joined w/ in days of each other and I don't ever recall her having ugly words w/ anyone. I hope that when you figure out what happened that it turns out she was not involved. :?
As for Clare and Jess, I have complete respect for you 2, as I do for Anna and Vic. I think you both take so much flack b/c you both voice your opinions. I have seen way more offensive things being said in other threads,,things that would be offensive to me. Everyone is offended by different things. We need to all relax, take a deep breath.
The mods are trying to keep this place calm. We have so many members here now. That's way too many people to keep everyone pleased. We need to give the mods a break.
I swear, I'm not trying to suck up or anytning..but I love you Clare and Jess :wink: :D
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Kelly I love and respect you and your opinion too :wave:
Kelly said:
but I love you Clare and Jess :wink: :D
you dont LOVE me :cry: :cry:
course she does :lol: and I love you loads too :D
KB mamma said:
Kelly said:
but I love you Clare and Jess :wink: :D
you dont LOVE me :cry: :cry:

Well of course I love you too! :D You know that! You are and always will be one of my favorites here :wink:
i always wondered how did you all become mods ?? did you apply for it?

you all do a wonderful job btw ,some more blunt than the other ,but that 's how people are.....

i had another experience of how intolerable some people are ...this week , and boy, believe me i had to bite my tongue off!!!

kisses nat
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