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What is the most popular ways to close harnesses and dresses? The ones I did for Tansy, I used velcro on; but I made her two fleece outfits, a jacket and a dress, and I don't want to use velcro, because it will tear up the fabric quickly if I miss while putting it on. For now I am using slide clips, but I HATE handsewing. Would big buttons be okay to use?

Here's the two outfits I've made so far- I'm thinking of making a few to put on ebay, since I have a TON of fleece sitting around.
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Hmm the attachments didn't work...
Okay, they were too big. :oops: Trying one more time...
I use gerber snaps... they really work great and all you need is the tool and a hammer
ooh i love the pink flower one. It is so cute
I use big buttons sometimes, but instead of using a button hole, I use elastic for a loop that fits over the button. It seems to be easier to fasten on a wiggly chi! I love, love, love the pink w/ the flower....way too cute!
The lady bug one is very cute.
I've used big buttons too ... or a buckle... I just make sure the outfit buckles up top..easier when they are wiggley and excited about going out.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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