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Band new East Side Collection Iridescent Silver Coat Hooded XS. $9.

Brand new Guardian Gear Fleece Lined Boots XXX-S. Fits paws length 1 3/4" and width 1 3/4". $10

Santa Claus Suit XS. $10

Mohawk Skull Shirt XXS. $7

Brand new Juicy Couture Hoodie Size Small. $25

Bone Sweater XXS. $7

Brand new Little Valentine shirt from Target XS. $3

Brand new Boots & Barkley Dog Feeder $25

All prices are including shipping within United States. If you live outside of US, please send me a PM for price and shipping. And please let me know if you need the measurements for the clothes.

Thank you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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