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red and blue glamor fleece lined sweater size LARGE AND XL in both colours $5 each

Dior inspired shirt in size large more for fashion $10

Coach inspired t shirt size small and medium more for fashion than warmth $10

LV inspired brown shirt size medium $10

burberry print pink fleece lined jacket with hood size large $10

Lv inspired print snow suit thick fleece lined size small and large $15

lv t shirt white size xs $10

juicy hoodie velour material size xs and large $10

Gucci inspired booties $10
i have 2 sets of 4 booties

size chart

Size Neck Chest Body length

XS 8"-8.8" 10"-12" 7.6"

S 8"-9.6" 11.6"-14.4" 9.2"

M 9.2"-11.2" 14"-16.8" 11.2"

L 10.8"-12.4" 16.4"-18.8" 12.4"

XL 12"-13.6" 18.4"-21.2" 14"

these are the sizes except the snow suit if anyone is interested pm me prices are under each item and do NOT include shipping shipping will be calculated according to destination and weight.

Open to all reasonable offers too.

All items are new in package some have tags some don't
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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