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Club "Fila brasileiro & Chihuahua in Russia"

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Club "Fila brasileiro & Chihuahua in Russia"
The club was formed as " FILA BRAZILEIRO in Russia " to became the uniting centre for nurseries and private owners of RKF-FCI system in 1997.
Now the club has received new direction of development and began to specialize already on two dog breeds : Fila brazileiro & Chihua-hua, what was reflected in the present name and trade mark.
Mutually advantageous cooperation with kennels, nurseries and private persons, is professional engaged cultivation and popularisation this breeds in Russia, and behind its limits is priority task of Club "Fila brasileiro & Chihua-hua in Russia".
The statistics and propagation of breed Fila brazileiro & Chihua-hua is a business not only NCB( National clubs of breed), but also each club, nursery on breed separately.
The club represented and sponsored performances of the representatives of breed on World and European Championships.
The dogs of our Club have titles: 82 CACIB, 178 CAC, Best puppy of the World, 2 Young The champions of Europe, vicechampion of the World, vicechampion of Europe, Young Champions of Russia, The champion of Finland, Champions of Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Baltic region, Estonia, Byelorussia.
The champions becomes more, when the puppies will grow up.
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