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Coats and Boots

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I'm sure there are other threads about this, but it's a bit of a hassle looking for them all over the forums !

So here's my question, where does everyone buy their boots ? It seems that all the ones I find for cookie are way too big! She's tiny!

I thought she would be bigger, but she weighs about 500grams ( Hardly)

ANyone know any websites?

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Are you in the UK ? i get things from Pets at Home,i also had trouble getting coats for Dottie untill some kind people on here sent me some,but before that i knitted some,do you knit i can give you the website.Boots no i don't put boots on mine
I've found walmart to have a few actually. And ebay is good too. Petsmart has cute coats and sweaters out, and you can take your chi in to try them on there so that's a plus.
my chihuahuas will not wear boots, i have tried and they just wont. but i do know a good site you can get them at. i go to a yorkiesite and everyone there gets them at you will get very good customer service there :)

Thanks a lot! That website looks great!

As for wall mart, I think Il have a look over there....couldnt hurt...

No I don't knit :(

But I need some heavy duty stuff , I live in Canada, and it's snoooows a lot!

I'm just wondering if chis can actually walk in the snow with nothing on, or can their paws freeze?:confused:
:hello1:i actually litterbox trained my chis-they do NOT like the cold or the in the east of the usa so it gets very cold here.for xxxs or xxs coats i go on ebay or go to petco-if ur chis very small it can b hard 2 find clothes that fit:D:D:D
I would look at WalMart if you need a tiny coat.. They are cheap (around $10) and they run pretty small.
I am in Canada and I found an XXS dog coat at Pet Value for my puppy who is just under 2 pounds at 11 weeks. They seemed to have the best selection of really small clothes. PetSmart has some too. You can try them on at both stores. My 2 year old chi will not walk in the snow and hates boots.
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