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Coco da show Gal?

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Well the question is, is my girl show material :wink:? Im considering starting up ringcraft classes, and well from there on entering her in to shows. I was just wanting some words of encouragement for my girl. And also any advice or information on showing/entering championships that people may have.

Thanks :wave:
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I dont know anything about showing but i wish you all the best, she is so unusually pretty im sure she will do well. :)
Thank-you Donna that means a lot :D
I think Coco is very pretty, i've never seen another chi like her on the forum anyway. Is she kc registered?
I don't show but I know Chihuahua-Lady could give you some info :)
Aww thanks Iona! yeah i tried pm'ing her previously but no response! Coco is kc registered. The breeder i bought coco from originally wanted to show her, but she couldn't get her walking on the lead. I think cause the womans time was free, and coco didn't really know her, even after living with her till 7 months of her life - she wouldnt walk for her! She walks great for me - but then again i am her favourite - i know she loves me loads :D

I spoke to the breeder informing her that coco is walking on the lead now and she said that i should show her!
In that case, there's no reason why you shouldn't!
How big is she?
I'm sure Chihuahua-Lady will answer you soon, she seems to know a lot about showing and has lots of experience.

Hope so. My girl weight 4.5 lbs now! Can't believe she is that heavy! She's so tiny aswell i dont know where its came from! Must be all everyone giving her bits of meat - shes a grubber :lol:
hellooooooooooooooo oh im real sorry i didnt receive a pm sorry any help you need just let me know do you have a clearer piccie of cocoa that would be good help but anyway ring classes are real good fun and a great way of socialising so thats a great idea.

if you want any advice on showing then i would be glad to help but expect a super long reply coz once you get me started i cant stop ha ha lol

sorry i didnt pm really didnt receive one so please dont think i was being rude i will gladly give you any advice you need thanks vicki
Thanks vicky, thats very nice of you.

Here are some pics of my little girl...
she is a pretty girl how old is she and what kind of weight the breed standad for chis are in the ring max 6lb in weight prefered 2-4lb and height up to 8 inchs tall you could always try a few shows and see how both of you like it some dogs just dont take to showing and some love it but more than anything just have fun thats what i think its all about and it is good fun and if you get any where along the way thats a bonus im just curious as to how big cocoa is thanks vicki
Well she's within the 8 inches height and her weight is 4.5 lbs! She doesn't look over weight or anything though she is very slim, i dont know where the weight comes from to be honest!

Can you just enter shows by applying or do you have to be part of a club or something?

And what happens at the show? I have been practing the little prance walk that i have been seeing some of them do at crufts - coco naturally does it so its me thats the problem lol :lol:
if you get the dog papers they have ads in for shows or you can find them on the net you just aply for a schedule then when that comes fill it out with all her kc details etc and what class you want to do then send it back and your entered practice putting her on the table as she will have to do this and the judge will run his hands over her body and he will also open her mouth to look at her teeth so she has to be comftable doing this and if she has the walk already then thats all you need to practice but you will need to get her a show lead as it will hold her head up they tend to wanna sniff round the floor so it helps and is a lot thinner then a normal lead you mite be able to get one on e bay but more important than anything have fun
What is the dog papers called? And do you just get them from a local newsagents?

Is the lead actually called a show lead?

Yes i will definetely need one of those as coco is a real sniffer she cant help herself lol :lol:

I will try it and see how i like it - should be fun eh? Also coco has a bald patch under her chin/chest is it still ok to show her with this? The lady i bought coco from said it wld b ok judges understand tht sort of thing and if i use baby oil it will grow in faster?
yeah and try evening primrose oil i use that with jake and omega3 fish oil and i have to say his coat really has grown nice yes it is a show lead and the papers are called our dogs and dog world they have all the shows in and are the best place to find them
evening primrose and fish oil vitamins do you mean? I have been using seven seas conditioning tablets but i will them out and give her them too and will also try rubbing in the baby oil!

So do i have to do a fancy strut/walk along with my dog?

What do you do at the show all day then, you take your dog a walk round the ring and let the judge examine her - what do you do the rest of the day? And how do you find out who's won?
no you dont have to do the walk lol!! you just walk her around the ring how the judge asks put her on the table and let the judge go over her and check her teeth etc then who ever is in that class all of you will do a line up and make your dogs stand stil so the judge can look and when he/she knows there winner they will go shake winners hand n give them rosete normally chis are in the ring first but at some shws you will be waiting around ages but you can let your chi rest then give her a brush before her class if you get best of breed you will have to stay for group etc
I just wanted to say, Coco is really pretty. I love her face mask. Good luck with the showing. :)
Maybe to give you a better idea aswell you could try visiting a show yourself... and see wht its like.. get some more tips! :)
Thanks Jessica! And yes Stef that is a good idea i think i will visit one of the shows and see what it is like for myself.

Sorry for all the questions vicky, but you need to ask to learn huh?

And now for another question :lol: your gona kill me with all these you have to be part of a group/club then? And would my group be the ringcraft class that i joined?
hey all the questions are fine i really dont mind you dont have to be in a group/club to show but its a good idea so you can train and socialise but like stef said it would be a good idea to go and view a show so you can get the idea of how it all works good luck
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