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cocoa and his human mama is now home

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I got home this evening from hospital. I took a few pictures this evening of my baby. How can I keep Cocoa's pads on his feet soft?

Jennie and Cocoa
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what a cutie , Glad you are back home , as for the pads maybe you can rub a little baby lotion on them or justy some plain olive oil, but careful he doesnt slip lol :lol:
haha ....i can see that happening :D ...looks like a real cutie :wink:

kisses nat
i just seen something at petsmart for the pads.... aw man i can't remember what it was called...... it had the word excel on it :dontknow:

i'll try and remember for you....
How good it must feel to be home!! Cocoa looks happy to have his mommy back. :)

I've never thought about doing anything to Lily's pads... but whatever you use, make sure it's okay for Cocoa to lick (in case he does).
Awwww, I'm glad you guys are back together... :D :D Coco is such a cutie!
I'm happy for you to be home again... Bet it feels good.
Welcome home Hmmm. yes I would worry about putting anything on his pads they are so fragile if he should leap off a sofa on to a floor he could break a leg. LOL you are a dotting mama i would never think of putting anything on pads unless they were injured. now would i love to be that chi and be pampered like that :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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