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cocoa and his tired mama

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Cocoa is tired and so am I. He loves to romp up and down the fence with a pit bull puppy. Cocoa will never be allowed to play with this puppy as I am afraid he could get hurt with any big dog for that matter. If Cocoa is in his yard and other puppy in his the he can play with him through the fence. The pit thinks cocoa is the greatest. I am so happy this pit puppy has a wonderful family who loves him and truly cares for him. I took new pictures last night so I am sending one of my favorite of the shots.

Your friends,
Jennie and Cocoa
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awww sweet story i cant wait too see the pics :wave:
haha i'm glad you are enjoying cocoa so much !!! :wave:

kisses nat
i love it when they play through the fence! my pit used to do that with the neighbors shepard! it was so cute!
Cocoa sounds like a sweetie pie! Can't wait to see pics!
I'm glad he has a play mate even tho it is through the fence... It would ware me out watching htem too.
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